Alastair Cook seems to have come into the Ashes series

Alastair Cook seems to have come into the Ashes series with a plan that he would not let the Australian spinner Nathan Lyon settle down when he is at the crease.

Cook generally is not that kind of player. He grinds his way to big scores, but, yesterday on the opening day of the ongoing Ashes series, as soon as Lyon came into the attack, the English captain was on the move.

He started doing a lot of things to try and put Lyon off his line and length, but, that ended up becoming the reason of his own downfall.

He misjudged the length of a delivery and was caught behind.
It was a good length ball and Cook was probably better off going forward to it. But, just because he was out of shape a little bit playing an unnatural game, he made the mistake there.

Being positive and showing intent is not a bad thing, but, if you are a defensive player by nature, you should not forcefully do that.

However, in spite of Cook not getting too many runs, England had a good first day thanks to Joe Root who continued being the run machine and got to his 7th century in test match Cricket.

Apart from him, Gary Ballance and Ben Stokes also contributed.

But, if England has to be consistent and beat Australia, Cook has to score runs at the top of the order and he has to do it his own way, not by trying to do something which he is not used to doing.

Cook has been an in form player this summer. In the last two test series that England has played, he has got a couple of hundreds.

But, the Three Lions need a couple more from their skipper in this Ashes series.