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Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing program for professionals who need to produce high-quality HD video. This professional version contains some missing features in other versions, e.g. Gigapikel image support, multilayer Adobe Photoshop files and advanced supportfor recording.

It covers all professional needs

Sony Vegas Pro is similar to other video editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, but follows the logic of SoniRadni streams that are hardly different for Premiere and Final Cut.

So you can try onthe beginning if you just tried, although Soni Vegas Pro is well documented with a very detailed manual. Sony Vegas Pro offers support for almost all needs, including the ability to import multi-device media (including HD video), uses over 300 filters and special effects, specificlayers and tagging toolsRad Ilak to optimize image quality.

But, as you can, Sonny attaches great importance to how they can at all see the sounds and quality of video footage. There are also a number of sound effects to choose from, VST plug-in support, and Sony Vegasit usually gives you a very high level of control over sound.

Standard Time Interface

Sony Vegas video interface follows the standard video editing interface and offers several Prozor for displaying media and current work, as well as a time frame for organizing different audio and videodata. The best thing about the Sony Vegas video interface is that it’s completely customizable: you can open, close and edit various models of the program to best suit your needs.

This use of replaceable modules can be confusing for the components usedfor Premiere and Final Cut, but they offer one. There are also other shades that users of the Premiere or Final Cute need to customize – for example, some tools are found under different menus and definitely will have to get used to the Soni Vegas Pro interface for some time.

Video editorwith high quality

Sony Vegas Pro is an industry standard video editor, and if you are looking for an alternative to packages such as Final Cut and Premiere, or you need something stronger if it comes to sound processing, SoniVegas Pro is worth the effort.

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