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FIFA 11 – this is the last batch of series of the popular series of series EA series. It includes some amazing improvements to FIFA 10 to make it a ridiculously realistic simulation of real things and a decent competitor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

Deploying FIFA’s predecessors, it’s hard for us to think how EA can improve the smooth football simulator. However, after some of the demo version matches, it’s clearchange is not just makeup.

Powerful game

Improving the game at FIFA 11 feels more like a real football. The new personality + system means that players move and act as they do in real life. This means, for example, that Manchester United Wayne Rooney will be billed after the ball, when the HPP does not have; while his surfer friend Dimitar Berbatov is better suitedstanding, waiting for something!

Another AI trick helps make the FIFA 11 most popular version today. For example, on the cross normally now See more than one player, perfect for the ball. You will also notice that players are faster than FIFA 10.

Another important change in FIFA 11 is the ability to control the goalkeeper, which feels so natural and adds to the game.

Handball was first introduced to FIFA 11. When adefender is placed in the fire line he can put his hand to block it. The frequency of handballs is slightly higher than real life, but you can turn it off or determine that it will not happen in good shape.

FIFA 11 also has a more advanced pass system, which gives you more control over the ball circulation. Pro Passing functionality allows you to accurately measure the amount passed through its weighting. TheThe repertoire is also reinforced, and now you can take the right, click, the led board and the joint ball.

A disadvantage we do not want is a new penalty system, based on a power panel. Stop the desired internal pointLocation is extremely complicated, as it takes some time to answer the push button. Making fine scoring on FIFA 11 is a tough task.

Graphic settings

At first glance, the FIFA chart11 is not the same as last. However, when you begin to see the repetition or closing, you will see that the player’s equation is more realistic. EA plays the use of images, and facial expressions are more diverse and vary depending on the player.

More A good addition to FIFA 11 is the ability to download your own audio for use in the game. You can record your own songs, add audio files to the actualgroup songs and identify music where the team ends.

ModigryFIFA11 is still combined in different game modes, including licensed leagues, exhibitions, training and Be Pro. A disadvantage of which is significant this time – switch manager mode, now known as career mode, and integrates with Be Pro. Now more is because of the fact that you started playing as a player before becoming a trainer and, finally, a wholeboss.

This exciting new feature, combined with super-smart games, makes FIFA 11 a very classy football game.


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