Former Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly, has said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni should not be criticized all the time as he is not the only man responsible for India’s defeats in recent times.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s captaincy has come under the scanner after India’s defeat in the test series against England and in the ODI series against Pakistan. But, Ganguly has said that the spectators need to be patient as the Indian team is going through a transitional phase and the young players will take a bit of time to settle down.

When asked about Dhoni being criticized heavily in recent times, Ganguly said, “It happens in India. Whenever, the team loses, people start criticizing the captain, but, this is not fair. Cricket is a team game and 11 players play together as a unit. So, all of them are responsible if the team is losing. But, instead of blaming the whole team, people blame the captain only.”

“It has always happened in India. Even when I was the captain, people used to say that I was not leading the team well and that’s why the team was losing. But, Mahendra Singh Dhoni doesn’t need to pay much attention to the criticism.”

“The fans should know that the team is going through a transitional phase and it will lose a few matches. You can’t expect the young players to come into the team and start performing straight away. So, the fans should be patient.”

When asked about the young fast bowler Shami Ahmed, Ganguly said, “He is a very good bowler. He has got pace and he has got a nice, clean action. He can be quite handy on pitches which provide assistance to the fast bowlers. We have to go to South Africa later this year and I want to see this guy in the Indian squad for that tour.”