Ravi Shastri has described that the World Cup is not very exciting at the moment and is hoping for better matches in the future.Maybe another way to say this would be that India’s ONLY strength is batting… and that makes us the favourites!!!!

Much has been written and praised about MS Dhoni the captain, however let’s face it, most of it has to do with his personally “cool” demeanor than Dhoni the on field thinking and strategizing captain. There is no doubt that he has come up with some gems but there is also no doubt that a lot of those gems are a result of probably playing to his reputation none bigger than having Piyush Chawla in the World Cup, something no expert from Gavaskar to Ganguly (who I must add is going to be in the very near future the foremost expert commentator / columnist on cricket) could really explain with conviction. Somehow the “experts” have a way of thinking in the same way and maybe Ganguly being forced to retire may not be such a bad thing, it will be refreshing to hear Ganguly talk.

However, this is not just about our captain but also about our so called experts who it seems are little too wary of upsetting the BCCI by playing down our chances of winning the World Cup as it directly points the fingers at our selectors and most of the experts (read as Indian experts) need to be on their right side. Take for example Kris Srikanth who till date has never given a straight forward answer to his selections by playing it down with his now customary attitude of brushing everything away.