Rumours about a change in the captaincy have no foundation in truth and are just media speculation according to the now 9th best batsman in the world Jonathan Trott.

The English sensation has publicly defended his captain saying that no one inside the English camp has any doubts about who should be leading the team.

While the win against Sri-lanka has taken some off the pressure of his shoulders, speculation is still rife that more poor performances could lead to change at the top of the team. With the ashes coming up England wants to ensure they have the strongest team possible to give themselves the best chance of beating the highly fancied Australians.

Trott said that talk of a new Captain was nothing more than media hype and that he was confident Strauss would be in charge of the team when they attempt to retain the ashes for another couple of years.

Jonathan Trott said that the vice captain, and the man most likely to take over from Strauss were he to be sacked has also supported the captain saying that he believed him to be the right man for the job. Cook had his own form problems a couple of years ago but redeemed himself with a strong Australian summer.

“Andrew is our captain and that’s the way it is, I don’t think anyone else could see Andrew not as England captain” Trott said.

Trott is fast becoming one of England’s best players and his ability to score big totals will be crucial for England going forward. Some corners have even suggested that cook himself could be a captain if Strauss were to step down however his comments make this eventuality seem unlikely. The latest england cricket odds have Strauass at 10/1 to step down.

English selectors generally don’t like to change Captains unless its absolutely necessary and so it seems for now at least that Strauss is safe.