Mohammad Irfan may prove deadly for Batsman in World Cup 2015

Mohammad Irfan is somebody who can prove to be absolutely deadly for the batsmen in the World Cup 2015 which is starting this weekend.

The 32-year old is the tallest fast bowler going around with a height more than 7 feet and he is a left armer too. So, apart from the extreme bounce that he gets because of his height, he creates that angle coming from over the wicket for the right handed batsmen.

However, Irfan must ensure that he does not err too much on the shorter side. He has to get the batsmen playing on the front foot.

It often happens with the subcontinent bowlers. When they go to places like Australia and New Zealand and see a bit of carry in the pitches, they think that they have to bang everything short, but, that backfires.

On those pitches, the batsmen just have to get used to the bounce. Once they do that, the short balls don’t trouble them.

So, what’s important for the bowlers is to try and hit that area just around good length and look to get the ball climb a little bit from there as that would make the batsmen fend and play false shots.

Speed is the other important thing in Australia/New Zealand.

As far as Irfan is concerned, he was quite quick when he had toured India towards the end of the 2012-13 Season, but, he has lost a bit of pace off late because of injuries. However, he is still capable of clocking around 85 miles per hour every now then and that’s good enough, but, length will be the key for him. If he goes too short, then, he might go for runs.

Irfan has got 50 wickets in 36 One Day International matches for Pakistan so far.