The dashing Ireland batsman Kevin O’Brien has said that he doesn’t want to represent England in the international cricket and he is pretty happy to play for Ireland. O’Brien gave this statement on the launching event of his autobiography ‘Six after Six’. As per O’Brien, he is an Irish man and he wants to play only for Ireland. O’Brien scored the fastest world cup hundred against England in the world cup last year. On being asked about that hundred, O’Brien said that it was the best inning of his life. He was batting phenomenally that day. O’Brien said that after that hundred, he got the chance to play for Gloucestershire in the county cricket last year. He is playing for Somerset this year.

On being asked about his favourite all rounder, O’Brien said that when he was a kid, Kapil Dev was his favourite. As he grew up, he started liking Andrew Flintoff. As per O’Brien, Flintoff is one of the best all rounders of all times. He was equally capable with both the bat and the bowl. On being asked about his book ‘Six after Six’, O’Brien said that when he returned home after playing the world cup last year, an Irish Cricket journalist named Ger Siggins, came to him and suggested him to write the experience of the world cup in the form of a book. As per O’Brien, the idea was interesting. So, he decided to write the book. The book mainly contains the stories of the World cup.

On being asked about his hobbies, O’Brien said whenever he gets time, he likes to cook. He is not a brilliant cook, but, he can cook a few items. On being asked about his role in the Ireland side, he said that he is an all rounder, but, he hasn’t contributed much with the ball yet for Ireland. He wants to contribute both with the bat and the ball and he is working hard on his bowling.