Salman Butt released from “British Prison”

Posted on June 26, 2012 by

The dishonored captain of Pakistan, Salman Butt, came back to his homeland after receiving the punishment imposed by British Prison.

The welcome done to him was a bit messy and he faced a chaos as he returned home. However he took an oath that he will prove his innocence in the recent spot-fixing scandal.

The spot-fixing was revealed in the Lord’s test match which was played in between Pakistan and England. This incident when came in front, Salman Butt was alleged and he was sentenced with an imprisonment for long 30 months. The other two teammates of Butt who were involved are Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer.

The agent whose name came in front was Mazhar Majeed. They were blamed of assembling intentional no balls for the sake of money. However Aamer and Asif were released in February and May respectively.

After Salman Butt was released he was mobbed by at least 200 fans and he was guided by his father Zulfiqar. All of them were present in the Lahore’s International airport. Excited fans supported Butt and even shouted in favor of Salman Butt. But he was literally stressed and shouted back to clear his way.

However he came back to face the queries of media where he cleared that he would prove his innocence soon. He also announced that though he has many question to put an end but he wants a quality time with his family first. He did not forget to thank those who were always beside him in his odd periods.

He mentioned that he has not been able to see his son even once even after his birth and he is eager to see him now. He also announced that he would come back in form soon. According to Butt he will take legal advice to move against the verdict of ICC in banning him