Singh eyes February comeback

Yuvraj Singh hopes he will have recovered from a non-malignant lung tumour in time to take part in India’s limited-overs games against Australia in February.

The batsman has been receiving treatment for the condition, but has now told the Times of India that he is back in training and should be returning to normal practice in a matter of days.

“I will be ready for the one-dayers in Australia,” he said. “I just can’t wait to have that India logo on my shirt again. I want to wear that India cap again.”

Singh also revealed that he had experiencing bouts of coughing and vomiting since the 2011 World Cup, but explained that at first he put it down to stress. However, once he sought medical attention a golf-ball sized growth was discovered on his left lung and it was initially feared it may be malignant.

Despite this, he still went on India’s tour of England and although worries about his illness plagued him on days when he wasn’t playing, but when he did get on the pitch his pain and fear “vanished”. Those following the best cricket online betting will know how impressive his efforts were.

After the tour though, he realised that he needed to take a break from the game in order to ensure he made a full recovery. Now, after a spell of treatment, the player says what has happened to him has changed is outlook on life. “I realised that health is the most important thing. Money, fame, cars, and adulation … they all count for nothing. I just want to be 100% fit,” he said.