Steve Smith best Form continues

The stand-in test captain of Australia, Steve Smith, just does not get tired of scoring runs.

No matter how hard the surface is, he always dominates and after being appointed the captain, he seems to have taken his batting to a different level.

When he had said prior to the Brisbane test match that it’s him who would replace Michael Clarke at the no. 4 slot, not too many people had supported him at that point in time.

It was thought that no. 4 would probably be one slot too high for Smith, but, the young New South Welshman backed himself, his coach backed him and the result is in front of everyone.

Three games batting at no. 4 for Smith and three centuries and he has not slogged his way through. He has played proper cricket.

Smith is certainly not the most orthodox batsman in the world. There are limitations in his batting. He probably moves a bit too much in his crease and in places like England or even South Africa where the ball jags around, he might find himself getting caught behind the stumps a few times, but, for the time being, the amount of runs that he has scored in the ongoing series against India, he must be given a lot of credit.

For someone who is only 25-year old to step up as captain at a time which was very tough for the whole Australian Cricket community and then, to do the job so well, not only as batsman, but, in terms of leadership as well, it shows that the guy has got some steel in him and that’s why, the experts have already started debating if he should be given the permanent charge of the test team.