Steve Smith wants to Captain RPS Solely

The Super Giant skipper Steve Smith has indicated that he would like to be left alone and discharge his captaincy duties in peace rather than being approached with a lot of advices by the seniors of his team.

There are three players in the Super Giant squad who have captained in test match Cricket and one of them is the superstar MS Dhoni who has spent his entire IPL career so far as a captain only and this is only the first instance of him appearing as a mere player.

Smith is pretty young in comparison to Dhoni in age and experience. So, when he addressed his first press conference of IPL 2017 yesterday, there were questions if he would look for the Indian wicketkeeper to assist him.
The New South Welshman was pretty blunt in reply. He clearly said that while he would appreciate people coming to him once in a while and drawing his attention to something important which he might be missing, they shouldn’t be advising him all the time.

As per Smith, when everyone around you start advising you, you get a little confused in your mind and you don’t make decisions with absolute certainty. On the contrary, if you are thinking by yourself, you can be pretty certain about what you want to do and where you are going with a particular plan.

However, at the same time, it’s very much possible that in an intense atmosphere, the captain does not pay attention towards a particular area of the field which is vacant or a fielder being in the wrong position. Then obviously the seniors can step in and make him aware of what needs to be done. But, in general, it should be him doing the captaincy by himself.