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The 100th international hundred has been constantly evading from our star Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar for quite some time now, and this has generated quite a bit of gossip among the other ex-cricketers.

While many feel that he should give up from One Day International, some actually go on to advise Sachin to contemplate his entire career. The advice on the contemplation of his career came because of the poor performance of the Indian team in most of their matches despite having some of the star payers who have immense potential within them to excel.

Sachin Tendulkar can work wonders for his team is he wants to. However what people want to find out is whether he is actually concerned about India’s victory in these matches or regarding his own statistics that are created. It is very important to have a goal for each and every game which helps one to grow and excel in their approach.

Many ex- cricketers are under this impression that Sachin is just stuck onto playing cricket because he is running after statistics and records rather than improving the overall performance of his team. His personal gains are over powering the greater glories of the team’s victories.

If Sachin Tendulkar really has this concept in mind, it is high time that he retires from cricket. He was known to be a legend in the cricketing world because of his selfless sacrifice to the team and this eventually made way for his personal achievements as well.

There have been many who have advised him to retire from cricket now, instead of losing all the charm and glory that he has earned over the years. Yet he feels that he still has a lot more to achieve before he finally gives up and retires for good.