Tundulkar Popularity Significantly Less

Sachin Tendulkar might have been the greatest cricket player till date, but, his popularity around the world is significantly lesser than that of the other sports personalities.

Sachin along with David Beckham, the former Three Lions captain, had gone to the All England club last week to watch Maria Sharapova play

These two gentlemen didn’t prove to be the lucky charm for the Russian beauty queen as she suffered a defeat.

In her interview after the match, when Sharapova was told that two great personalities in the name of Beckham and Sachin were present to watch her play, she told the interviewer that she knew the former, but, not the latter.

Not only did that take the interviewer by surprise, but, it stunned most of the other people watching the interview as well.

It’s true that Cricket is not the sport to be played in the most number of countries. Only 8-10 nations play it on a regular basis and thus, people might not know the names of too many cricket players.

But, as far as Sachin is concerned, he is an absolute legend. He has played the game for more than 2 decades and has done phenomenal things on the field. So, at least, he is expected to be known by people.

And that’s why when Sharapova refused to have heard about Sachin in the past, it raised a lot of eyebrows.

The Indian cricket fans were actually fuming after that statement of Sharapova and they had a go at the French Open champion on the social networking site twitter.

However, some people have come out in the defence of Sharapova as well saying that she belongs to Russia where cricket is not played at all, not even at the grass root level. So, if she doesn’t know a cricket legend, no fuss should be made about it.