Virat Kohli Performs best in 2016 IPL

Virat Kohli has owned the IPL 2016 with his batting prowess.

With four scores of three figures in 13 games, he has got over the mark of 850 with his runs’ tally and has left behind all the previous highest scorers of the tournament by some margin.

Virat seems to have unlocked something for himself in terms of his big hitting because he never hit the ball such far and long before. He was always the anchor of a batsman who would begin his innings with some watchfulness and would be interested in finding the gaps through the field as he went along.

But, it’s been a different avatar of him this season as apart from showing some finesse; he has also shown some muscle power and some innovation too with the shots that were not in his repertoire before, the ramp shots and reverse sweeps.

Perhaps because Royal Challengers Bangalore has added some finishing power to its ranks, the skipper has freed himself up, coming at the top of the order with the knowledge that even if his aggression doesn’t go well and he gives his wicket to the opposition, enough batting ability is in the dugout to see the team through to where it needs to be.

In the past, maybe the fact that he knew it’s only the dismissal of him and AB De Villiers is what the opposition was looking for and one of the two had to bat it out the whole innings, a lot of thoughts would come into his head before he decided to play any risky shot.

But, now the likes of Shane Watson and others down the order has made him less bothered about his wicket and that is coming off in the form of some glamorous and unbelievable batting from him.